Ecommerce Logistics


Ecommerce Logistics

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The world of e-commerce logistics is evolving and transforming. Retailers around the world are becoming more resilient and are quickly adopting omnichannel, direct-to-consumer (D2C) models to reach their customers. At the same time, they are looking to reduce costs, effort, and complexity in their B2C supply chain, and therefore prefer an integrated logistics solutions provider who can connect them with the best local delivery providers in each destination and enable them to sell online all the way ’from factory to sofa’.

With ezTruck e-Commerce Logistics, we want to empower brands and retailers to pursue a direct-to- consumer model which is seamlessly integrated with their existing B2B supply chain. To do so, we offer e-Delivery and e-Fulfilment products that help our customers save time, avoid high costs and sell more regardless of the season.

ezTruck e-Delivery helps you enter new markets faster by providing best delivery options to the customers you sell online. Similarly, ezTruck e-Fulfilment helps to pre-preposition your inventory closer to your customer to increase delivery speed while optimizing the cost.

ezTruck goes the extra mile with you

Thanks to our digital capabilities, we easily integrate with your sales channels, so you can start shipping in no time. While you focus on growing your business online, we take care of your e-commerce logistics supply chain. Our geography agnostic delivery product ensures that all your parcel delivery needs are met. ezTruck gives you access to all major last-mile carriers to make shipping easier and cheaper.

When you choose ezTruck e-Delivery services you can unlock multiple integrations tools to optimize your supply chain. Speed is of essence when it comes to delivering parcels anywhere. Accurate and reliable data can help you keep track of your shipments and have a comprehensive view on your entire e-commerce supply chain. We offer you solutions that can streamline your data and reduce labor- intensive work, delivering more accuracy and quick turnarounds in a fast-paced environment like e- commerce logistics.

As your e-commerce and Omnichannel logistics partner, we deliver satisfaction to your end customers. Whether your online business grows or expands over geographies, or scales up and down through demand and seasonality, we can provide every aspect of support covering D2C, B2B and B2C logistics.

We have partnered and created a network of curated delivery services to support you with all your delivery requirements. Be it same-day delivery or COD, our partners will handle it all. So, if you wish to avail the most optimized, efficient and cost-friendly e-commerce logistics, contact us here.

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