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Golden opportunity for truck fleet owners

Single or multiple join your owned trucks to ezTruck and start earning at once. We are an online platform that is solving your problem to get clients. you can do the work directly without any bargaining and hunt for clients and compete with fellow fleet owners. Start your development journey with ezTruck by transport logistics for supply chain companies, local businesses, and shifting jobs.

What is your convenience from ezTruck?

  • 1.No need for searching for trips ezTruck is providing trips daily for you. We got clients and transportation all over Odisha. So, You will get an infinite opportunity to never run out of trips.
  • 2.Regular multiple trips will reflect on your account numerically. This is a stunning amount of money because ezTruck is giving a maximum share to the drivers and keeping a minimum amount.
  • 3.You will receive payment instantly after delivery.


ezTruck Advantages

Timely delivery - ezTruck Logistics

Regular Trips

With our growing presence across multiple cities, we always have our hands full! This means you will never run out of trips.

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Better Earning

Earn more by partnering with the best! Regular trips and efficient service can grow your earnings!

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On-Time Payment

Be assured to receive all payments on time & get the best in class support, when you attach mini truck with Porter.